Hello earthlings!
A few days ago I conducted a workshop in which I presented a set of advice learnt from experiences that have happened to me during the past 6 months in my internship as Front-End developer.
After some people asked me about the recording and because I’m not super confident with the outcome, I decided to convert it into an article.

But first of all, let me say I would be very thankful if you could take a couple of minutes to give me your feedback 🤓 I mean I would be very interested in knowing if those things…

This is the story of how I became a RedPointer and what it’s like to land in Red Points as a Front-End developer.

If you have been around lately, you may already know I went through a master degree at Assembler School in full-stack development. And yes, the time to search for the internship finally arrived. After some research, a bit of LinkedIn fine tunning, a lot of workshops on how to handle technical interviews and other useful resources that Assembler provided, I ended up with a pretty impressive amount of 8 offers.

Although it was very hard for me…

Hello earthlings!

It’s been quite a long time and many things have happened! 🎉 After the Ironhack Experience, I got hired as a FrontEnd developer and after a while, I decided to hit the books again! So I entered Assembler School where I learnt mainly PHP and javaScript for about 9 months.

Now, I’m a part-time Front-End intern at Red Points and part-time self-taught Front-End developer 🙆🏻‍♀️

Today, I wanted to show you what has been my master’s degree final project but also a project I kept working on after the master. It’s been 2.5 …

Welcome to SASS

Last week, after an interview I was asked to go through a test to prove my skills. It had to be done using React… which was completely unknown for me! So I decided to take the bull by the horns and try React and SASS at the same time!

The experiment was really worth the effort! I discovered that SASS is a super good way to organise your CSS and on top of that, the website comes with all the information a newbie needs to know and the transition is more than easy.

1. Sass stylesheets…


I’d like to write about my experience at Ironhack just in case there are doubtful readers in the room :)

There’s nothing bad to say about it really, however, there are some things to take into account. Note that, I went through the FULL-TIME WEB DEV.


  1. It’s gonna be hard, even harder than expected.
  2. Cancel your subscription to Netflix, HBO or whatever otherwise, it’s gonna be a complete waste of money.
  3. Talk to your boyfriend/girlfriend before starting, he/she must know what you are about to face.
  4. Focus on the Bootcamp, avoid all distractions.
  5. Living close to Ironhack is definitely gonna…

Two years after finishing my degree in design management and working as a designer for a couple of agencies I realised, that coding was the missing skill in my portfolio and I was determinate to learn no matter what 💪🏻

So, after some research, I found out Ironhack was the best choice in Barcelona for the following reasons:

  • Good balance between price, course time and syllabus.
  • Had good networking and good average salary after the course.
  • A lot of “after class” stuff and extra resources.
  • Well located.
  • Pre-work and students pre-selection.
  • The campus manager (Marc Collado) was very nice and…

Hello, Medium audience!

I’m new here but I think I’m gonna get on well with this.
To be honest, I was a bit sceptical about Medium, don’t really know why… I understood that this can become my personal blog and that I can link it to my personal website, so making the perfect couple! I’ll try to post on a regular basis but can’t promise anything.

Hopefully, these posts will help someone somewhere.

Firstly, let me introduce myself:

My name is Cristina Moreno, I live in Sabadell (close to Barcelona) and even though I studied design management, I’m now into…

Cristina Moreno Medran

After noticing that the relationship between designers and developers is a struggle, I decided to shift gears and try developing end user interfaces by myself.

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