Landing a job as a Junior Front-End developer

Hello earthlings!
A few days ago I conducted a workshop in which I presented a set of advice learnt from experiences that have happened to me during the past 6 months in my internship as Front-End developer.
After some people asked me about the recording and because I’m not super confident with the outcome, I decided to convert it into an article.

But first of all, let me say I would be very thankful if you could take a couple of minutes to give me your feedback 🤓 I mean I would be very interested in knowing if those things ever happened to you as a junior or if as a senior developer you appreciate juniors having this kind of considerations.

Moreover, and especially if you are a junior developer reading this (same as me) I would like to make sure you don’t believe my words too much. I would encourage you to look askance at all those opinionable stuff whatever it is and try to make your own opinion around it. There’s no right or wrong, it’s just an opinion.

So that being said, let me introduce my checklist:

All in all, find your voice in the team and grow little by little 🥰 Lucky me, I’m surrounded by amazing developers who understand all this and do their best to help and I couldn’t be happier 🌺


After noticing that the relationship between designers and developers is a struggle, I decided to shift gears and try developing end user interfaces by myself.

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